Momma Spider

The tenuous strings that hold her aloft 

Are of her own creation. 

She weaves them and deals them, 

Spins until she feels celestially secure. 


Strung between a hearty green branch 

And a wooden-panelled house, 

She softly sways against the pitch 

And fall of the warm-winged night, 

Silhouetted by the tiny icy stars 

That align her grand design 

With pinpointed, shining accuracy. 


She creates brilliantly and with ambition, 

So that even the moon sees fit to backlight her vision 

And allows her to nestle, 

Centered, in her crescent curves, 

While the rest surround and applaud — 

Diamonds who whisper and wink. 


Momma spider sits in the sky, 

Without an inkling of fear, 

For her spindly reach stretches far and beyond 

Outplaying fate with a hand of her own.

Writen By: Helen Halliwell

Originally from England, Helen is currently studying English Literature in the Bay Area, and hopes to one day move back to the UK to continue studying and pursue teaching. When not reading or writing, she tries to keep a keen eye out for things in people or nature to inspire her poetry, stories, and sketches.

Copy of WomanWithHat_Visual Arts

Art Title: Woman With Hat

Artist: Suzanne Notario

My photographic journey started seven years ago when I took my first photography class at CCSF. This course ignited my passion for making pictures. It has become a way of expressing myself while capturing moments in time with my camera.

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