Latest Issue: Forum Magazine Spring 2021

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Editors’ Note 

As the editors, we are not sure if we get the  luxury of spending an editor’s note meditating  on the nature of a global pandemic, one year into  a global pandemic. As strange as it all still seems,  at some point we do have to pick ourselves up and  move on. And so we did. The staff at Forum this semester picked right up where our predecessors  left off, completing tasks by Zoom, rather than in person, working at all hours of the day and night,  just to make sure that this issue of Forum reached  your hands, or laptop. At this time, one point of  uncertainty is still the availability of the printing  presses due to San Francisco health regulations. 

One year on, we have all hit the pandemic wall at  some point this semester, some of us have had to  abandon the city due to job loss or cost reduction  measures, but we have all shown up week after week for no other reason than to participate in  the creation of this magazine that you now hold  in front of you. We, the editors, would like to  recognize the efforts of the Forum team in these  crazy times, as well as our contributors, who,  even after a year of staying home still had so  many things to share.  

It is an honor to be able to share these poems, stories and artworks with you, dear reader. We were very excited, during our reading period, to see not only how people are reacting to and growing through the events of the past year,  but also the strong contingent of works that  have chosen to look forward to a world that is pandemic-free. Each of the pieces represented  here were chosen not for skill alone, but also  the ability to touch us, inspire us, to carry us  through what we hope are the final moments  of our time apart.  

We hope that when you think back from the  future about this time in your life, you might  pick up this issue of Forum and remember  that you were never alone during this time:  we were working with you and for you. 

Stephanie Johnson,  

General Editor 

The Forum Team